Plumbing Tips Central Coast

Blocked Drains

A cup plunger can be used for small drains like bath tubs, showers and lavatory sinks. Forced cup plungers have a funnel that can apply extra force down the drain, which is good for sinks or toilets.

Leaking Pipes

Always know where the main water shut-off valve is located in case of a leak.Duct tape and leak sealing tape can help out in a plumbing emergency until a permanent fix can be made. Teflon tape will seal up leaks from around threaded connections.

Gas odour – follow these steps

Everything is ok Open doors and windows Don't light a match, or any type of naked flame Don't turn electrical appliances or lights on or off Check your gas appliances are turned off and if this does not resolve the problem Call Surf Side Plumbing on 0407 252 600.

Shop smarter for your fittings and fixtures

Ask about floor stock and factory seconds. I’ve picked up a $1000 bath for $100 because it had a tiny chip that, when installed, was completely hidden. Every single bathroom supplier, whether it’s the big well-known ones, right down to your one-stop shop, usually has floor stock or seconds. They may not advertise this fact but just ask – you never know what bargain you might pick up. One thing I would say, though, is that you want to go for quality products even when looking for a bargain. With tiles, there are also a lot of good, inexpensive ceramic ones around. A ceramic tile is a very hard, very simple product and it’s going to last.Hunt down display stock and factory seconds for kitchen appliances, too. Again, you can save money on tiles for kitchen splashbacks. In my experience, tiled splashbacks are the cheapest way to go – but it’s really a matter of individual taste.